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We are truly "at your service" offering our clients professionally trained, dedicated staff committed to providing the highest quality in cleaning services.
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We accept Credit Cards
We accept Credit Cards

Residential Cleaning

We can help you with all your house cleaning: Residential cleaning

*Strip beds and remake with fresh linens
*Sweep and damp mop floors
*Dust and damp wipe window sills
*Dust and damp wipe all wood surfaces
*Vacuum carpets
*Empty waste baskets, remove garbage to designated area
*Clean all glass surfaces/mirrors/picture frames
*Dust and clean baseboards, check ceiling for cobwebs
*Clean light switch House cleaning picture

*Clean and polish mirrors
*Damp wipe counter and sanitize sink
*Polish all fixtures
*Clean and disinfect toilets
*Clean bathtub and damp wipe tiles

*Dust and damp wipe cupboards, shelves and top of cabinets
*Sanitize sink and disinfect counter tops House cleaning pictue
*Sanitize garbage container and re-bag
*All appliances cleaned including oven
*Cupboard under sink cleaned and organized
*Empty dishwasher if necessary
* Sweep and damp mop floors

*Sweep and damp mop all floors
*Dust and damp wipe all furniture and wood surfaces
*Dust and damp wipe all mirrors and picture frames
*Damp wipe all electronics with appropriate agent
*Dust and polish large wooden blinds
*Vacuum all rugs and upholstery
*Remove all trash to designated area and sanitize garbage cans